What Is Offered By Living Room Theater Portland

Going to a movie theatre is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do during your holiday. Whether it is with your friends and family, you can always enjoy watching a movie in a movie theatre. The Living Room theater Portland can be a good destination when it comes to enjoy some cool movies, drinks and foods. Many things are offered, not only great movies to watch. Also, there are always some attractions that are played in certain months, holidays or occasions.

The Living Room Theater Portland is a modern building that stands out in the Pearl District. It is designed with modern architectural through innovation and technology. So, from the appearance, this place has been different. Every theater room here has seats less than 65 people making the audiences feel a more intimate feeling. The concept of this movie theatre is also unique. Every place is well designed and viewed to look different from any conventional art house movie theatre. The theatre space is extremely relaxing and it is completed with a European style cafe and lounge as a great gathering space before or after the movies. The movies played here are varied from the new released movies to the independent films.

One of the most interesting features offered here is that the audiences do not to wait for months to wait a new movie to be released in Portland because it has provided the new released movies to choose from. If you wish, the Living Room Theater Portland also allows you to get a reservation for hosting a private party or special event with its technology for innovative presentations, meetings and lecturers. This place is very friendly and it welcomes the great independent films and filmmakers by playing the movies in the theatre. It provides high digital technology that allows even the first-time directors and producers are able to distribute their independent films.

With the digital technology featured in the Living Room Theater Portland, it is not only a place to watch high quality movies, but also a place for creating good films, doing some television broadcasts, music and dedicated programs. Since its first launch in 2006, this has been considered as the first all-digital and only-digital Theater in Portland. This is why the Living Room theatre is very famous all over the country. The audiences can get anything from here from good movies to good foods.

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