The General Description Of Bernhardt Bedroom Furniture

Bernhardt furniture was established in 1889. With the founder’s hardship and integrity, John Mathias Bernhardt, this company becomes one of the biggest and influencing furniture producer in the world. This company focuses on commitment and relationship among company, business partners, and consumers. The headquarter of Bernhardt furniture is in North Carolina with 1.250 employees worldwide. There are lot of retailer market almost in every country in the world for distributing the furniture or the source to make it. The wood which is the main material to build the famous Bernhardt furniture are mainly oak, maple, walnut, and cherry tree which sometimes are mported from other country. For creating the best furniture such Bernhardt bedroom furniture, Bernhardt has five divisions to help it. They are residential division, design division, interior division, and hospitality division. The next paragraph will tell be focused on the products such beds, chairs, and tables in separated paragraph.

One of the product of Bernhardt is Bernhardt bedroom furniture. The must have furniture in a bedroom is definitely bed. The bed in the room either for house owners or guests should be comfortable enough, so they will get enough rest which leads to their health. Bernhardt understands this need and make the beds as comfortable as possible. The beds’ base are made by strong wood which can carry up to 300 kg weight without worrying the bed will break or collapse. The bed itself is very soft that it will spoil the bones to their deep rest. Bernhardt offers three sizes of bed. They are king size, queen size, and California King bed. There are also many variations in design or style. The most common designs are poster bed which has four tall poles in the corner, upholstered bed which has lower body and rising bed, and panel bed which has a panel in the edge of foot side.

After dealing with bed, there is also seating as the part of Bernhardt bedroom furniture. One product that is suitable in this room is swivel chair. The chair is made by some metals, leather or fabric, or wood. The chair can be used as relaxing place while reading a book or looking out the window.

The last product of Bernhardt bedroom furniture is the table. The table that suitable for the bedroom is occasional table. It comes in small table which is best put beside the bed. It is very useful for storing book, glasses, and decorative lamps.

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