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In a bedroom, of course there should be bed as the name it says “bedroom” – a room to sleep. A bedroom is also a place where someone can get their privacy or peace from outer world. Therefore it is better to add more features in a room for better self exploration and to do other things besides sleeping. One feature that allows someone to express his / herself is desk for bedroom. The desk is the place for someone that allows to put a something, write something, read something, or discover something. Someone can use the bed as desk, but it is not comforting, inefficient, not healthy, and annoying if there is another person using the bed at the same time. There are tree recommended desks for specific purpose. The next three paragraph will describe those deals in separated paragraph.

Starting by the most expensive desk for bedroom, there is floating desk. The floating desk is a desk where it is installed inside the wall. It is just like an ATM which is inserted in the wall, yet it is three or four times wider. The front part, which is used to type number in ATM, is remodeled for desk panel. The panel has the area of 8 times of A4 paper horizontally. In each edge of the desk, there are 3 rooms vertically ordered for placing books. So basically it is very simple and nice-looking even more there are also variants of color available which not only make the desk functional, but also stylish.

The next desk for bedroom is compact computer desk. As the name says, it should have been designed for putting computer, yet it is not. This desk is not only for putting computer, but it can also hold some manual books since there is separated part with some sections divided for CPU in the bottom, and book shelves above. This compact computer desk has adjustable legs, in case there is no pair chair in package which makes the user comfortable.

The last suggested desk is pogo desk. This desk for bedroom is specially designed for children who are 4-5 feet tall. This desk does not have many drawers since it will confuse the children. This desk has 1.5 by 1 meters panel, and it is divided into two parts. In the left are one sliding drawer and one bottom-hinged drawer and in the right is hollow place to set the foot. The color available for this desk are only blue and pink.

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