Make Your Own Glass Shelves For Bathroom

Bathroom is a room that you always enter every day. It is the most influential room which can make you more comfortable in your home. It is the place you take a bath or have a shower, brush your teeth, etc. you can buy it from people who sell it, but it may cost you much. You need a place to put your bath tools to make your bathroom looks well-arranged, especially for you who has a small house, you will become harder to make your bathroom well-arranged. If you can put any furniture in your bathroom to make it more beautiful, why don’t you do that to make it more comfortable for you. In this article, I will guide you to make your own glass shelves for bathroom.

What you need to make your own glass shelves for bathroom is a layer of glass, glass glue, nails, hammer, and grinder. You don’t have to ask someone to make it for you because you can make it yourself. The first step, grind the layer of glass and make it into some pieces. Second, grind the pieces into shapes that you want to. Next, stick the  pieces of glass with the glass glue and wait until it sticks tightly. After that, make two holes in the corners of the shelves. Finally, put the shelves on the wall and nail the corner holes by hammer, or if you don’t want to have any scars on your wall, you can stick it by using the glass glue.

After you know how to make your own glass shelves for bathroom, I will tell you the function of the shelves itself. The main function of the shelves is to put your bath tools, like tooth brush, soap, shampoo, and so on, on it. The minor function of it is for your furniture in your bathroom. It makes your bathroom more beautiful, because people believe that your bathroom can describe your personality. If your bathroom is clean, beautiful, and comfortable, you must be someone who like a discipline person, a person who love cleanliness around you. The more you love your bathroom, the more you love your home.

That is all what I can share to you about how to make your own glass shelves for bathroom. You don’t need to pay much for something that you can make it yourself. You can do it if you are willing to do that. It is very simple if you want to do.

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admin October 11, 2017
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