Make Up To Design My Living Room

Do you feel bored with your home condition? When you enter your home you just find living room with pale paint color, ugly design or awful interior like it is the worst home ever. However, when you are going out like you find a new world with freshness and coolness, you feel reborn. How could it be? You can think like this “Am I wrong? Or my home is wrong.” What’s wrong? You should not go to the psychiatrist or doctor why it happens to you. It is simple, anomaly in your living room. Maybe your living room needs something new, so you can begin from ask to yourself, “What do I need to design my living room?”

After that you can get the answer by asking your friend, famous designer, browse in the internet or go to book store to buy the reference or just visit the library to get some books which have tips and tricks for designing your living room. What you need is good reference to design living room. So, next step is “What should I do to design my living room?”. Based on the reference you get you will think to do an extreme action, what is it? Make over! Don’t you know, not only ugly girl who needs make over, but also your pale living room. Make it shine and bright with your creativity.

Then, let’s move to the next question, “What kind of makeup which is suit to design my living room?”. Don’t think it discuss about what good eye shadow or mascara or lipstick to your living room. Make up means the things which will you use to make over the living room, in this case let you guess the question before are about beautiful color, suitable pattern, and right position.

The last question is, “How to design my living room to be young living room that pretty and full – spirit?” Just apply what you get from the reference. First, repaint your wall with the living color like bright green or blue. It depends on what character do you want, if you like elegancy you may paint it with grey or silver color. Second, choose good pattern to make it unique and comfortable. Third, arrange the furniture in the right position for tidiness, not too crowded not too rare. So, now you can enjoy your time there with pleasant feeling, and say “My living room is the best.”

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admin September 25, 2017
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