Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room wall decor has varieties designs and types that are suit for you style. Wall decoration can be cheap cost that you can spend. It makes your living rooms looks beautiful and it can be your reflect of style. It means people can see what kind of person are you from the decoration of the wall by the style that you use through the decoration. Add wonderful factor to your walls with bold pattern such as a work of art or clever storage solution. Feature of walls use more than one wall color for purpose to express you unlimited.

A feature wall is quick and easy way to do. It is to change the mood of the room. You can make your living room wall decor or you can buy it as instant. Basic rule for choose the wall that is as plain as possible where there isn’t any doors or windows that ruin the flow of color. Adding high impact color can make attention to your wall. Choose the color scheme is not easy, you should consider about the furniture for inspiration such as sofas, fabrics, patterns, or rugs that you already select. To get harmonious finish, use a complementary shade which has different intensities of color.

Mostly, people choose feature of wall decor as darker shades. It good if you are room is sunny which is your room have sun light come easily. A stronger and deeper color can make your feature of wall show closer. Lighter tones create the wall of sense of space. Paint is just another way to create your wall decoration look interesting. Boldly patterned wallpaper can be look wonderful. It gives you a vintage design to contemporary look. You don’t have to cover the entire wall to get the look. You may try to hang some beautiful fabric or photograph that has big size or huge painting. Living room wall decor is easier to make your mood change.

If you have large room and you want to divide the room into separate areas, you may add decorative wall feature to make a different zone. You may buy shelving unit or wooden cubes that have good quality. It is perfect to placing the vases or other ornaments. Buying some accessories to make your wall looks interesting. You can use the old vinyl records. Spray those in bright color and then attach them to the wall as graphic elements. You can find it some thrift shop in your town for your living room wall decor.

Gallery of Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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