Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Modern Houses

Lighting is pretty important in every room in a house including kitchen. Even though it is not the place where people gather every day, yet it is the place where people can cook hearty meal for whole family. Moreover, kitchen is sometimes not used by only single cooker only. There will be someone helping in the kitchen which means this is also gathering place. Kitchen lighting ideas are very necessary since it will give a kitchen certain feeling. A dark kitchen is pretty bad since the cooker cannot prepare food accurately and comfortably.

Since we live in modern time, the lighting should also be modern. It means, there will be no classic hanging lamps anymore. However, if people want hanging lamp for a kitchen, the lamp mounting should be made of metal. In addition, the mounting should have different style other than reverse bowl mounting. A tube lamp covered with some pillars is good example of modern kitchen lighting ideas lamps since it cool, elegant, and shiny. In addition of hanging lamps, there should be recessed lighting which will give overall lighting of a kitchen. The lamps are spread equally on the ceiling especially in every corner to give maximum brightness. The gap between recessed lighting is about one meter for 12 watt lamp to make sure there is enough lighting for every inch of kitchen.

The last important aspect of lighting for kitchen is cabinet lighting. This lighting is what people usually see behind a cabinet and this lighting is meant to provide enough light below wall kitchen cabinet as well as decorating it. Kitchen lighting ideas should not only create a beautiful kitchen, but it also should be efficient. Therefore, all of the lighting do not use fluorescent or even incandescent lamps anymore. Instead, LED light will be used for every lighting.

Gallery of Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Modern Houses

admin October 6, 2017
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