Glass Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen if there is no island in the kitchen. It is because the cabinets take the most space than other utilities in the kitchen like refrigerator, table set, etc. Moreover, the main equipment for cooking are in the cabinet. Therefore, kitchen cabinets are pretty much concerned either for their functionality and beauty. Most people nowadays install contemporary kitchen cabinets. It actually has no distinctive feature from modern kitchen cabinets. Therefore, all features in modern kitchen such sleek design, glossy finishing, and weird design will be presented. One of great materials that suit that requirements is glass. Glass naturally has beautiful reflection that is very attractive.

Though the design of cabinets are from glass, it does not mean that whole construction will be made of glass. Instead, the glass will be used as the door and handle of the cabinet. One of the contemporary kitchen cabinets that can be applied for kitchen is U-letter kitchen arrangement with wall cabinets. The cabinets are supported by clean metal frames, whereas the doors are made of glass. The glass used can be transparent which is like crystal, or something that looks like screen glass. Either way, it still good to look as long as other elements are blended together.

Even though it is contemporary design, wood is still used for material forming contemporary kitchen cabinets. It is because wood is more environment friendly other than metal since bending and deforming need fire to melt it. Since original wood will not reflect as much as glass do, wood finishing is really important to give decent reflective look. Glossy look is common finishing that will make the cabinets shiny like a glass. In addition of finishing, glass handle bar can be installed in the cabinets to give luxurious and modern look for the kitchen cabinets.

Gallery of Glass Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

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