Curtain Ideas For Living Room For Traditional And Modern

The living room is one of the main room in a house. The perfect home is a home that has a living room that is comfortable, safe and able to interact with the surrounding environment. Some supporting furniture to create a living room that many people dream already available in some collection many interiors. Furnitures are in the form of a coffee table, end-tables, sofas, cabinets and others. Aside from the main furniture, Interiors of the few accessories that were in the living room also took part in the structure of the living room is comfortable and able to beautify the room itself. Some accessories can also be an accent in the living room, one of which is the curtain ideas for living room.

Curtain ideas for living room is useful for preventing too much sunlight that goes into the living room. It not only serves to block any light, but Also it can beautify your living space with a variety of models and designs of combining curtain, of course. The concept of those living rooms is very influential with the curtain on each sides of the window. The window area is also greatly affects the scope of how big the curtain is, it is also needed to be able to close all the windows intact. In the living room has a traditional theme usually has a small window size and juts out, then use a different curtain to the window of the design of Those modern themed living room that has a larger window area, it can even be used as a substitute for the wall.

Therefore, there are several curtain ideas for living room that can be implemented and applied in your living room. The first is the living room with a traditional theme requires a small window. Curtain designs that used to be able to fix with this window panel is Giraffe skin. The fabrics used are made ​​of waterproof nylon fabric and strong fibers. trail system using a single left or right of the trail. In addition there are other types of curtain designs that can be used that Valance. The design of the curtain is a thick fibrous thick fabric hung without a rail with a height of no more than 20 cm. The colors used for this curtain is indigo blue or light blue.

On the other hand, curtain ideas for living room for this modern type with wide large windows it is better to use Single Drapery Panels with two curtains on both the sides of the window. The colors used should be a kind of pastel colors, calm and cream. The design of curtain needs to be used for space for a variety of their role potion can make a home beautiful.

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