Christmas Bathroom Décor Ideas

Christmas is a very special day for everyone who celebrates this day. This is the moment to gather all the family and inviting the guests to come to your home. To make this day more special, it is a great idea to decorate your bathroom with Christmas bathroom décor. To think of the idea what is best for decorating bathroom. I will give you some ideas that can inspire you to make your bathroom more comfortable, unique and bring the spirit of Christmas.

First thing that you have to do Christmas bathroom décor is changing your bathroom curtain. You may choose the design that is closely related with Christmas day such as winter, Santa or Christmas tree design. It will create a new look on your bathroom. You can buy the curtain in the closest store or online store. You do not have to worry about the price, Christmas decoration is not about doing it by your own self, but you can do it with the entire family to make it more fun. The second thing is towel, you can buy the red or white towel, you may find red towel with certain design. The red and white color will symbolize the Christmas. To make it perfect, you can also buy snowman kitchen towel gift set. It is a snowman doll made of smooth color that is hugging your towel. You may put the towel and snowman beside the sink. The last thing is decorating the toilet. I recommend you to buy Santa toilet seat cover. The toilet seat cover has a picture of Santa’s head that is cute and adorable. You also may add with Santa rug, a rug with the picture of Santa coat.

If you have a plenty of time, you can make DIY (do-it-yourself) project on your Christmas bathroom decor, i often cut some papers to make an image of Christmas such as Christmas trees, snow, and deer, I make a window sized cutting paper with various forms. Then, I put them in my bathroom windows. Believe me, your bathroom will not look the same. Another idea comes into my mind is put some candles in your bathroom, the candles will make you relax and fresh. This is important because once you celebrate the Christmas, all your guests will use the bathroom. This is the moment to impress and make them relax and fresh. I hope these ideas about Christmas bathroom décor will help you to decorate your bathroom in a very special day.

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admin October 20, 2017
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