Choosing Your Kids Bedroom Curtains

Kids are adorable. They can surprise you with their behaviors, sometimes they misbehave but in most time they will make you smile. It’s just all about how you stimulate their creativity. And talking about creativity, bedroom is one of the place in the house where your kids will spend a lot of their times. Today’s kids don’t love playing outside much, right? They prefer to stay inside play games on their computer. Therefore, making their bedroom as comfortable as possible is your job as their parent and one aspect that can affect room comfort is your kids bedroom curtains.

When it comes in choosing kids bedroom curtains, the first thing you need to consider is the fabric and material of the curtains. Kids, especially toddler is in the age where they want to try everything within their sight. You give them crayons, they will use it not only on the drawing books but also on the walls and even on the curtains. It is definite that you don’t want to choose silk curtains for them as it can easily fade if you wash them often because of your toddler’s drawing. Linen or faux silk is more advisable as it’s more durable to washing and it is more durable.

Now after you decide what fabric and materials to choose for your kids bedroom curtain, it is time to choose the curtain’s colors and patterns. If your kids is still a toddler, they will love any curtain which have pictures and patterns resembling their favorite cartoon or movies characters. Some retailers indeed provide this kind of curtain but of course in a limited variance. If there aren’t any curtains that suit your kids liking, it is better for you to get a custom made curtains.

If your kids are not a toddler, they may no longer like their favorite character. Boys usually love dark and neutral colors, such as blue, grey, and brown. You can choose non-patterned curtains which will suit the bedroom furniture and decoration as most boys don’t really care how their bedroom will look like. The opposite is if you have a girl. They really care what their bedroom look like. They are likely wants everything to be matched. If they have pink wallpaper with hello kitty pattern, then go find another hello kitty patterned curtains. It is also advised to bring your kids when you buy your kids bedroom curtains.

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