Boulevard Sectional Living Room Design Ideas

As the technology will progress in the fields of architecture, interior and furniture living room design ideas, a lot of concepts that you can apply in your home. Luxurious and beautiful, but still seem modern furniture concept is reflected in the Boulevard. This concept is an concept derived from the Hollywood living room is very popular in the USA, but in the Boulevard concept, it looks more luxurious and certainly classy. Sectional in an modern living room concept has always been a star in the interior design. It is a state of the sofa furniture is arranged into letter L plus ottoman at the end. So, combining these two concepts is passed to be able to produce a modern living room.

Several furniture to living room design ideas is needed to be able to build an concept Boulevard Sectional sets are collections such as sectional sofas. The Collections for this type of sofa is Loric. It has 3 pieces of seat with armrests on both sides made ​​of soft fabric in gray. Frame rounded shape with some black accent lines on the wood under the seat area. The legs bottom is using a soft rubber so that when sliding sofa will not scuff floors make your pet. In addition to using the couch, to look more modern temporary then you can replace it with futons. Furniture that must exist for the living room is the coffee table. Boulevard concept is in accordance with the table of Metro Modern models with depictions of urban themes in your home.

Furthermore, some of the furniture in living room design ideas collections of Metro Modern Table is Dirtect. The design of Dirtect can say a great deal because of the taper angle really box. Not just a coffe table, but also end-table and cabinet accessories that also use the same model. The surface of the table is brand Dirtect tempered 2cm thick glass with a base made ​​of stainless steel, dark metal.

These two base cross-shaped table in the shortest of which is connected by a straight base that causes the table looks very modern. The straight base can be used to hang your magazines that will be able to accompany your guests. In addition to the magazine, you can also be entertained guests while the host is not in place by the television. However, where you can put the television? It would require an storage cabinet that can also serve to put the TV. Ellenton Credenza is one of the best models in its class that offers modernity in each of her curves. The concept of living room design ideas themed Boulevard also offers several accessories to add accents in the living room and as table lamps, vases and others.

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